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The AA Restauant Guide 2007

Andrews is the epitome of the restaurant-with-rooms genre.

Service is welcoming, attentive and friendly yet precise, in tune with the atmosphere and kitchen’s apporoach.

Local produce is intelligently, simply prepared with flair to let clear, clean flavours shine without unnecessary over-complication.

The Times, Saturday December 9th 2006, Sally Shalam

“Expect a cold wind blustering off the sea as you settle in the dining room, in which chef Andrew Dixon proudly show cases local produce.”

The Guardian, Saturday October 1st 2005, Sally Shalam

“This Victorian house, the colour of clotted cream, is sandwiched between wooded hills and the North Somerset coast, over looking a pretty harbour and the Weir from which it has taken its name.”

The Independent, Sunday August 28th 2005, Simon Heptinstall

Britians Best Sea Side Pubs and Restaurant with rooms. (Voted Number Two)

“Chef Andrew Dixon serves up top-quality food here: Lynmouth Bay lobster, Asparagus, Avocado and potato salad are on the A La Carte Menu.”

The Week Magazine, August 6th 2005.

If you want to eat well on your travels, go where the experts go, says Cloe Diski.

This is “a wonderful place”, says Michael Caines, Chef of Gidleigh Park. “It overlooks the most beautiful coast line in the U.K. Fishing boats come in form the Bristol Channel and supply the restauant with fresh fish.”