What Determines Good and Cheap Life Insurance?

best cheap life insurance

A life insurance is just a way to secure your and your family’s future, but it’s important to know that a low price tag is not everything you should look for, even if you’re really looking to find good and cheap life insurance. Your first and foremost priority should be a policy that will suit your needs when you really need it. If it doesn’t suit you, then what’s the point of going through it all? No matter how many policies and companies you’ll look for, there is a minimum of several standards to fill in order for an option to be good:


The first thing to consider in a good life insurance company is its availability to US citizens. A good and cheap life insurance company must write term life insurance in a minimum of 40 US states. This obviously trumps a number of good companies, like USAA (in case you’re eligible for it, do consider it!).

Conversion option

Although the best cheap life insurance  will almost always have a term policy attached, being able to convert your insurance into a life-long policy isn’t that valuable. This especially goes for those with a terminal illness diagnosed. If such a thing occurs, it’s more than obvious that there’s no chance of you signing a new life insurance policy when your current policy is going to expire.

Bottom line, look for companies who guarantee the vital option to convert your policy to preserve the death benefit for those who depend on your life insurance.

Guaranteed renewal option

Extending your term by one or two additional years can occur due to unpredictable events, and it makes sense to do so. It’s much smarter than a permanent policy conversion. If such a thing happens, you can renew your life insurance term for one more year, and keep repeating that for as long as you feel the need to.

Note that doing so will increase the price of your life insurance policy because this method is used when the insured is in such a bad condition that they’re unable to obtain a new, converted policy. Although expensive, a guaranteed renewability option matters a lot if your health quality is going to decline inevitably.

Bonus tips when searching for companies:

Get quotes

You’re always at an advantage when you’re looking for collecting as many quotes as possible. Most people don’t even bother with doing so, because it takes away time, but what they don’t know is that with today’s expansion of the Internet, you can now use online quote tools to get quotes from good insurance companies in no time.

Avoid additional insurance

This basically means saying no to any add-ons your chosen insurance company wants to throw at you. A good and cheap life insurance policy needs to remain cheap if your number one goal is finding the cheapest option out there.

Don’t wait

The younger you are, the cheaper your life insurance will be. It’s always good to seek policies before something happens to you, especially if you’re thinking about making changes to your lifestyle.

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